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Xcelerating the growth, success and full potential of MedTech development and Healthcare Delivery with End to End control.

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One Step Ahead

Xcelerate Inc.

Xcelerate seeks to acquire rather than develop its technology / healthcare delivery. We understand that engineering advancements in non-medical fields often have unrealized applications in medical technology & clinical care and the silos existing between advanced engineering and medicine have been poorly bridged.  Xcelerate is unique in that it was designed from inception to span the divide between initial non-medical engineering advancements and its application to clinical care.

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$XCRT We've hired Darrow Associates (https://www.darrowir.com/) to connect with the broader financial community and spread the awareness about Xcelerate's growth opportunities.

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$XCRT We anticipate sending a press release next week to inform our shareholders about our latest developments.

Our official PR link:

$XCRT Excited with our achievements at The Microcap Conference!(@DealFlowEvents)

The networking opportunities were abundant, allowing us to connect with many, shared our vision, and exploring collaborations. Already in discussion with few investment firms!!

We'll update!!

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