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A Letter from our CEO

Xcelerate is creating a Medical company merged with New Technology Leadership that serves and empowers medical needs and equipment to people in areas that are not readily accessable. The Company  acquires innovation at the engineering / patent level, marries it with appropriate early-stage operational med tech companies and applies it in a controlled clinical care setting

Our entry point strategy is at the intersection of medical and technology. A vast, undisputed area that touches everyone and where we have significant competitive advantages.

We already have an elite tech team of Nobel Prize winners in medicine, Surgical doctors known for their teaching endeavors, financial advisors, engineers and many more successful people in business. We have multiple patents pending and have built cutting edge medical technology in areas such as artificial intelligence and virtual recognition.

Xcelerate is unique in that it was designed from inception to span the divide between initial non-medical engineering and believes that this approach provides a lower cost of product development and commercialization than does standard, ground up, research and development. property advancements and their application to clinical care.

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Thank you for your support.

Michael F. O’Shea 

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