In this article, we’ll discuss Xcelerate, Inc. (OTC: XCRT stock), a prominent Healthcare Services penny stock worth keeping an eye on.


  • Since March 2021, under the dynamic leadership of CEO and Director Mike O’Shea, Xcelerate Inc (OTCQB:XCRT) has achieved significant milestones. These accomplishments have driven the company’s progression from Shell status to Pink Current, and subsequently to its current OTCQB status with a future plan of uplisting to the New York Stock Exchange.(As stated in public interviews)
  • Xcelerate has acquired a collection of licensed and patented intellectual property. As per their latest announcement, the company has substantially expanded its patent portfolio, securing patent rights in nine more countries, which now includes the EU, Russia, and Korea.
  • Xcelerate has achieved noteworthy accomplishments, such as acquiring a 51% membership interest in AfiyaSasa Africa, LLC, and initiating the AfiyaSasa Africa Pilot Project in hospitals across Africa.
  • Recently, Xcelerate, Inc. concluded the acquisition of a majority interest in ESN Group, Inc. and California Skin Research, Inc. (collectively referred to as the “ESN Group”). This acquisition encompasses a diverse portfolio of healthcare and skincare products, including the innovative Ceramedx® (, the first natural plant-based ceramide therapy system designed in consultation with dermatologists for dry, sensitive skin, as well as  Earth Science Beauty (

About Xcelerate Inc (OTC: XCRT stock).: Pioneering the Future of Healthcare Through Innovation

In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, there are companies that stand out not only for their vision, but also for their immense impact. Xcelerate Inc. is certainly one such company, positioned to change the medical, health, and wellness industries with a visionary business plan that covers three unique yet intertwined branches.

Driven by a strong dedication to improving healthcare, Xcelerate is on a mission that impacts people worldwide. Their unique approach involves three core businesses – medical, health and wellness, each designed to address crucial aspects of healthcare in innovative and unprecedented ways:

1. Empowering Medical Technology: A World of Possibilities

Xcelerate’s first venture revolves around the ownership and licensing of a diverse range of medical equipment, coupled with an extensive portfolio of patents, pending patents, and technology licenses. This effort makes Xcelerate a leader in medical progress, making sure that the newest and most important discoveries are used to their maximum potential, benefiting both patients and medical professionals.

2. Bridging Healthcare Gaps: Virtual Health for All

Perhaps the most ambitious of their endeavors, Xcelerate is committed to bridging the healthcare gap in developing countries, with an initial focus on Africa. Through the development of virtual health technology, the company aims to extend the reach of physicians and provide accessible medical care to underserved populations. This creative method demonstrates how Xcelerate is committed to using technology to make sure everyone around the world has the same chance for good health.

3. Beauty and Science Converge: Redefining Skincare

The company’s third endeavor focuses on the formulation, packaging, and marketing of clinically tested, over-the-counter skin care products. These products have been tested clinically to make sure they work effectively. This careful combination of science and artistic design highlights how Xcelerate is dedicated to taking care of overall well-being.

A Synergy of Expertise: The Xcelerate Management Advantage

Xcelerate’s success lies in a globally renowned team consisting of translational clinicians and engineers. Instead of concentrating solely on development, the company strategically identifies and acquires cutting-edge healthcare technologies. This strategy, according to Xcelerate, leads to reduced expenses in product development and marketing, while also enabling faster integration into clinical practices and swifter attainment of profitability and return on investment.

In the driver’s seat of Xcelerate, you’ll find an exceptional management team with a wealth of experience and diverse expertise. Leading the pack is CEO and Director Mike O’Shea, a certified financial investigator and forensic accountant, who possesses a wealth of experience from his involvement with organizations like the US Secret Service, ATF, and other distinguished institutions. His extensive background emphasizes his in-depth comprehension of complex financial intricacies.

Joining the team as Director is Jason Householder, who also serves as the Co-Founder and CEO of Charlotte’s LenDRgroup Consulting. With over a decade devoted to healthcare banking, Jason specializes in crafting effective strategies for medical, dental, and veterinary practices. His insights help these practices navigate the complexities of business operations seamlessly.

Steve Gravely, presently the President of the Consulting Group at Jocassee, Inc., contributes significantly to the leadership. His remarkable track record includes spearheading 25 global manufacturing plants and overseeing the successful launch of over 300 new products for prominent industry giants like Michelin, AT&T, NCR, and General Motors. His expertise adds a distinctive dimension to the already extensive skill set of the management team.

Adding to this exceptional ensemble is Jon Wilken, he is a 30-year veteran of the retail food industry. He is the former President and CEO of BILO Inc., a supermarket chain which at the time of his employment was wholly owned by Ahold NV of The Netherlands. While Jon was at BILO, the company employed approximately 26,000 associates and operated over 400 retail supermarkets and convenience stores in four Southeastern States with annual sales of approximately $4.0 Billion. Since leaving Ahold/BILO in 2002 Jon has pursued entrepreneurial business ventures including partnering in a 250+ acre commercial and retail real estate planned development, The Point, in Greenville, South Carolina. The project to date has a Whole Foods supermarket, a retail shopping center, several restaurants, over 500 apartments, 8 hotels, and a 40-acre TD Bank call center campus.

Distinguished Advisory Board Members

Within Xcelerate Inc., an esteemed advisory board boasts the presence of eminent figures such as Dr. Barry Marshall, a distinguished Nobel laureate in the medical field. Alongside him stands the renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Dilan B. Ellegala, adding further depth to the board’s expertise. Also lending their insights is Dr. Anja Glisovic, a research scholar with a PhD in X Ray & Material Physics, contributing a unique perspective to the team.

In a recent addition, the advisory board extended a warm welcome to Cathy Scangarella, who currently holds the position of Chief Business Development Officer and Sector Lead for the Life Sciences at Choose New Jersey. With her involvement, the board continues to amass a wealth of industry knowledge, fortifying Xcelerate’s commitment to pioneering advancements in healthcare.

Current Ventures: Navigating Healthcare’s Frontier

Embarking on a journey through the forefront of healthcare innovation, Xcelerate Inc. is shaping the future with its dynamic and multi-faceted approach. Starting from acquiring a collection of licensed and patented intellectual property, the company’s current ventures span a diverse spectrum of groundbreaking initiatives in the medical, health, and wellness sectors.

1) Inventory of Patents Under Xcelerate Inc. Ownership and Acquisition.: 

The collection includes four approved and one awaiting U.S. patents, along with two approved and one pending European patent. Additionally, the portfolio encompasses specific licensing agreements linked to research advancements from Cambridge University.

  • U.S. 9,889,151: Techniques for treating certain cancers using a composition that releases orthosilicic acid in the body.
  • U.S. 9,333,224: Methods for treating bacterial infections with a composition that releases orthosilicic acid in the body.
  • U.S. 10,493,097: Approaches for treating specific ulcer types (wounds) with a composition that releases orthosilicic acid in the body.
  • U.S. 16/089,613: Composition for bone repair or replacement containing silicate and bone/bone surrogate.
  • U.S. 16/670,060 (pending): Pending
  • EP 2211868: Silicate solution for treating melanoma
  • EP 3305305: Silicate solution for wound healing
  • EP 211782776 pending
  • In-licensed IP ((UK research and innovation)
  • Granted US, EP, AU, JP, Eurasian, CN patents in CA, HK, KR, SG

2) Development of virtual health technology to assist patients in developing countries:  

Xcelerate has a strong dedication to closing the healthcare gap in developing countries, starting with a special focus on Africa. By creating virtual health technology, the company aims to make it possible for doctors to reach more people and offer medical care to those who currently have limited access.

To make this possible, Xcelerate has secured a 51% ownership in a startup medical technology and virtual health company AfiyaSasa Africa, LLC (ASA), initiated by the globally recognized Tanzanian Neurosurgeon, Dilan Ellegala.  Company helps patients in developing countries talk to doctors through its platform to get the medical care they need. The ASA platform uses smart technology like AI (artificial intelligence) and AR (Augmented Reality), created by AdviNOW. This helps people who live far away from medical help and don’t have many doctors nearby, whether they’re in remote places or cities.Patients can use their cell phones, tablets, or computers to use the system. It lets doctors and medical staff assess their condition, decide the best care, and guide them through the process online. The system even has facial recognition and can remember if the patient has used it before.

The AfiyaSasa Tanzania Project is getting ready to start in various hospitals across the country with the help of its own subsidiary. Each hospital will provide special services and telehealth features as part of this project.

Back in March 2023, Xcelerate took a big step by signing an Agreement to bring its Artificial Intelligence (AI) based health services to The National Hospital of Tanzania, Muhimbili National Hospital, and Mloganzila in Dar es Salaam. This is the largest hospital in East Africa. The Muhimbili National Hospital System is the premier tertiary care hospital system for all of Tanzania, a country with 64 million people. It has around 1,500 beds for patients and serves about 2,000 patients every day.

Just two weeks later, Xcelerate signed another Agreement to introduce its AI-based health services to Haydom Regional Rural Referral Hospital, which is also known as Haydom Lutheran Hospital (“HLH”), in Haydom, Tanzania. HLH is a big hospital with 420 beds and it takes care of 5.7 million people in North Central Tanzania. Every year, HLH helps around 12,635 patients who stay in the hospital and supports about 103,173 patients who visit for outpatient care.

And there’s more to come – two more hospitals will be joining this important project soon.

3) Acquisition of Healthcare and Skincare Companies: 

Xcelerate has initiated the establishment of its Xcelerate Brands division. The core objective of this division is to collaborate with marketing and manufacturing partners, working together to create over-the-counter healthcare products. These products draw from both Xcelerate’s existing patent portfolio and those of strategic partners.
 In a recent development, Xcelerate, Inc. has successfully acquired a significant stake in ESN Group, Inc. and California Skin Research, Inc., collectively known as the “ESN Group.” This strategic move brings under Xcelerate’s umbrella a wide-ranging array of healthcare and skincare products. The acquisition encompasses the innovative Ceramedx® (, a revolutionary plant-based ceramide therapy system specifically developed in consultation with dermatologists to address the concerns of individuals with dry and sensitive skin. Additionally, Xcelerate gains access to the offerings of Earth Science Beauty, further enhancing their portfolio of innovative skincare solutions.
Earth Science Naturals (ESN Group, Inc.), headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, is a passionate advocate for delivering natural beauty products that are both sustainable and cruelty-free. The foundation of ESN Group lies in crafting effective, clean skincare formulations derived from the Earth’s natural botanicals. ESN group claims to offer one of the most extensive ranges of fragrance-free beauty products available today. They meticulously source the purest ingredients, ensuring the utmost efficacy and top-quality outcomes.
Presently, ESN Group, Inc. manages two operational businesses generating revenue, which include:
  1. Ceramedx, a facial cleanser specially formulated for dry, sensitive skin, features ESN’s exclusive RiceramideTR-3. This innovative product harnesses ESN’s natural ceramide technology. (
  2. Earth Science Beauty ( provides a range of plant-based solutions designed for skin, body, and hair care needs.
In addition to this acquisition, Xcelerate also entered into a strategic marketing agreement with ProductSector, LLC and its collaborator company, CCI Vegas. This company is an expert in brand development, particularly within the health and wellness sector. They have been working together with the management team from ESN to expand mass merchant outlets and government agencies.

Strategic Future Plans

These future plans are a testament to Xcelerate’s unwavering dedication to advancing healthcare on multiple fronts. The company’s vision extends beyond the present, encompassing breakthroughs in medical technology, virtual health solutions, and even skincare innovations. By embracing the power of technology and collaboration, Xcelerate aims to address critical healthcare challenges, bridge gaps in medical access, and provide solutions that cater to both physical well-being and self-care. Through these strategic endeavors, Xcelerate is poised to shape a more inclusive and progressive future for healthcare.Xcelerate’s plans go beyond just changing healthcare – they could also lead to more earnings. By offering a mix of medical technology, virtual health, and skincare products, the company is setting itself up to make money from different sources. This smart approach could help Xcelerate grow financially while also making a positive impact on healthcare overall.One of the notable aspects of Xcelerate’s journey is its plan for uplisting to the Nasdaq. The company’s progression from being a Pink Current to OTCQB-listed entity reflects its commitment to transparency and growth. A potential uplisting could offer greater visibility, credibility, and access to a broader investor base. This transition will undoubtedly be closely monitored by investors and market analysts for its implications on the company’s valuation and future prospects.

Corporate Information 

Xcelerate holds OTCQB status as indicated on under the symbol XCRT.

As of August 15th, 2023, Xcelerate, Inc. presents a well-defined share structure that sheds light on its market dynamics. The company’s authorized shares total 1,000,000,000, while the outstanding shares in circulation amount to 406,446,072. Among these, a float of 113,254,437 shares is available for trading on the market, with the remaining 269,291,635 shares designated as restricted. Company holds a market capitalization of $33,328,578 as of August 15th, 2023


In the world of penny stocks, Xcelerate, Inc. (OTC: XCRT) has emerged as a standout Healthcare Services stock in 2023. Under the leadership of CEO and Director Mike O’Shea, the company has achieved remarkable progress, transitioning from its initial shell status to Pink Current and eventually reaching the esteemed OTCQB tier with ambitions of listing on the New York Stock Exchange. Xcelerate’s diverse initiatives, spanning innovative medical technology, virtual health solutions, and skincare innovations, show a holistic approach to improving healthcare. With a skilled team and strategic partnerships, the company aims not only for financial growth but also to create a positive impact on healthcare. The potential move to the NYSE adds another layer of interest, hinting at exciting times ahead for investors and the industry as a whole.
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