About Us


Xcelerate has assembled an internationally recognized team of translational clinicians and engineers to identify and acquire  engineering advancements and intellectual property that does not have immediately obvious applications to medical technology and clinical care.

Xcelerate acquires innovation at the engineering / patent level,  marries it with appropriate early-stage operational med tech companies and applies it in a controlled clinical care setting which fosters engineering/clinical/business advancements under one umbrella.  

Xcelerate understands that many engineering advancements in non-medical fields often have unrealized applications in medical technology and clinical care and the silos existing between advanced engineering and medicine have been poorly bridged.

Xcelerate is unique in that it was designed from inception to span the divide between initial non-medical engineering and intellectual property advancements and their application to clinical care.

Xcelerate believes that this approach provides a lower cost of product development and commercialization than does standard, ground up, research and development. Further, by acquiring a clinical care setting in which the devices / technologies will be trialed, tested, and applied, will provide for end-to-end control of the development and application process.  This process will deliver more rapid clinical utilization, more rapid medical advancement, and quicker profitability and return on investment.

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