The Xcelerate, Inc. (OTC Markets: “XCRT”) C.E.O., Michael O’Shea interview follow up by Tiger Free Stock.

In May 2020, Xcelerate commenced implementation of a new business plan that encompasses two separate but related businesses within the medical industry, including (i) owning and licensing the rights to various forms of medical equipment and portfolio of patents, patents pending and technology licenses and (ii) development of virtual health technology to assist patients in developing countries obtain medical care by extending the reach of physicians through the use of that technology. Visit to learn more.

Management Team

  1. Michael O’Shea, CEO and Director
  2. Jason Householder, Director
  3. Steve Gravely, Director


Xcelerate Advisory Board

  1. Dr. Dilan B. Ellegala, MD, FAANS
  2. Dr. Barry Marshall, AC. FRACP, FAA,FRS,MBBS-UWA
  3. Cathy Scangarella
  4. Dr. Anja Glisovic, Chief Science Officer
  5. Andrew I. Telsey, Securities Attorney


Investor Relations

CONTACT Phone: 1.854.900.2020


Tiger discord link #tigerstockdiscord

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